But I Won’t Do That

I can change my schedule
and I can lose some sleep.
I can make some changes
for the one that my heart keeps.
But certain things, you see,
will never ever change
no matter how much love
the two of us exchange.
I’ll still stop along the road
to chat with a frightened deer
and I’ll still sing so out of tune
that you’ll wish you had no ears.
I’ll still love my baby cat
more than you’ll ever know
and I’ll still be a mommy’s girl
even though I can let go.
I can open my heart
and sure I’ll let you in,
but I’ll never change who I am
or where my soul had been.
There’s a lot that I would do
just to see you smile
so long as you remember,
I’ve been me for a while.

© Autumn Siders 2018

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