Half Mast

The banner yet waves,
albeit lower than norm,
and a nation yet moves
on in full mourn.
Another day,
another death,
another life
put to rest.
What so proudly
we hailed,
and now so proudly,
we failed.
How many more
must give their lives?
Freedom unearned
from merciless knives.
Children are here
and the next moment gone
soon forgotten
by nation once strong.
Then the next time
happens just like the last
and that nation is fueled,
its soul is aghast.
These are the bombs
bursting in air
but still we sit vacant
while our flag is still there.
A call to action,
not a call to arms
in a nation so broken
and full of new scars.
What will it take?
How many lives can we save?
And make proud again,
this banner that waves.

© Autumn Siders 2017
Half Mast

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