I’ve always been Nobody,

How dreary to think
I came close
just one time
to being

I don’t need riches
and I don’t need fame
but once it would be nice
to live without blame.

I’ll always be Nobody,

How hopeful you were
that I just might
turn out to be
the scapegoat
you needed.

I don’t want you
and I don’t want that life
but still the thought
of a day without strife.

I am Nobody,

© Autumn Siders 2018


My mind wanders all too easily these days.
Perhaps since my body cannot
my mind overcompensates
and all the trips I take
are like lost moments of mine;
I can’t even remember
if I had a good time.
And when I return
from wherever it is I’ve been
the work that is before me
is even more daunting
than when I left.
Vacations, these trips are not,
and relaxation is not a result
but one thing is for sure
the cause to blame
is being an adult.

© Autumn Siders 2018


You ask so much of me
and yet you want nothing;
this contradiction stands
always at the front
of my thoughts.
And your presence lingers
always larger than life,
always stealing the scene,
always in my way.
Have you ever thought
of a world outside your own?
Do you even know others exist
when you’re all alone?
I challenge you to break me
and you’re always ready
for the task.
Take my heart,
take my breath,
take my soul,
take your time,
since I’ve got eternity
left to burn.

© Autumn Siders 2018


I crossed out the words so many times
and flipped the page over
to start fresh on new lines.

A poem about things
is too general it seems
and doesn’t hit home
but is more like internet memes.
A laugh from the back
and a vacant stare
are all I could win
with words written so bare.

I can’t let it out
but I can’t keep it in
so where do I stand
to hide from the Devil’s grin?

© Autumn Siders 2018