The sky darkens
as clouds roll in
and the heat simmers
while the light grows dim.
Winds start to whip
but still the heat won’t break
and every living soul
has had all it can take.
The first drop falls fast
and hits like a shot,
splattering its guts,
making a liquid dot.
In that moment it seems
the heat just won’t end
until the next drop hits,
a cool, welcome friend.
Finally the sky
opens up with a crash
and rains pour down
as tree limbs thrash.
The first bolt of lighting
is fleeting and weak
but the thunder soon crashes
as the storm reaches peak.
The rain soaks each traveler
straight to the bone
and the winds won’t cease
as the old buildings moan.
Just as soon as it began,
each drop takes its leave
and all that remains
drips quickly from the eave.
The summer sun pierces
through the very last cloud
but off in the distance
rolls the thunder, still loud.
The heat may have broken
but just for a while;
so I’ll enjoy the moment
with a post-storm smile.

© Autumn Siders 2018

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