Sweet Nothings

You whispered in my ear
what I thought was your secret
but really it was your line
used time after time.
I thought it was unique
that you knew what to say
to woo my feelings
and make my heart stray.
But really you are
a dime a dozen
as they say,
and I am worth nothing
thanks to a mistake
for which I’ll pay.

© Autumn Siders 2018


You were drunk again last night
but you thought I wouldn’t know
like your superpower
is to disguise intoxication.
You’re no superhero
but there is a villain here.
Will you ever realize
your kryptonite
is the exact thing
you think will save you?
Maybe you should use your cape
to clean up the mess
you leave in your wake.

© Autumn Siders 2018

I Love So

You’ve been gone
for at least thirty naps,
but I hardly noticed
between all these baths.
I know soon you’ll be home
and you’ll bring me a fish
and then it’s back to bed
where I’ll make a wish.
I wish that you’ll come home,
but first you’ll have to go,
in order to bring me another
fish that I love so.

© Autumn and Emilita Siders 2018

Nothing More

Somehow this weekend
turned to something more
and even though I didn’t know,
it’s what I was waiting for.
But weekends must end
just as dreamers must wake
and my heart is to guarded
for you to just take.
Monday will arrive
just like Death at my door
and you’ll be a memory,
only this and nothing more.

© Autumn Siders 2018

Make Your Move

Everyone has gone
and it’s just us,
waiting for the other
to make her move.
The longer I wait,
the more I think
I read this all wrong.
The longer you wait,
the more I want to ask.
That smile, your laugh,
the way your neck
looks so desirable
when you throw your head back.
If I am still here
and so are you
and the bar is closing
then it must be true.
Hurry up and ask
before it’s too late,
not just in the evening,
but in this unexpected fate.

© Autumn Siders 2018


Fortune favors the bold
but how unfortunate for you
that boldness destroys
every single thing you do.

Tomorrow cannot bring
what today could not
when broken promises
are the only thing you’ve got.

Life can beat you down
and love can lift you up
but only you can decide
how full or empty is your cup.

© Autumn Siders 2014

What it Is

It’s not that I mind being alone,
in fact I enjoy it,
which I think you knew
all too well.
It’s not that my heart is broken
or that I can’t go on,
’cause the truth is
it’s not, I have.
It’s not that things didn’t work out
or that we went our separate ways
or that I was wrong and you were right
or I was right and you were wrong.
It’s that the way your hand,
felt in mine
was like being home
by the fire
on a cold winter night.

© Autumn Siders 2018