Spit and Shine

Your hands better be clean
if you’re going to pet the queen.
Do you know how long it took
to achieve this perfect look?
An hour on each paw
is standard feline law
and no one quite knows
how much time is spent on toes.
This shiny coat you see
is natural beauty
but a little spit and shine
is a work that is all mine.

© Autumn and Emilita Siders 2018

Back in the Day

Remember when things
were simple
and people were kind
and love, ample?

No? Neither do I.
Can anyone really say
that times were better
way back when?
Just because you didn’t see
the hatred,
the violence,
the animosity,
doesn’t mean
it didn’t exist.
Your innocent eyes
and pure heart
were just amiss.

So, don’t take me back
to a simpler time
but move me forward
to a happier one.

© Autumn Siders 2018


I fail to see your point,
yet again.

Remind me if you will,
why it matters?

All this time you waste
on what can never be.

All these feelings,
come from nowhere.

How much of your life
have you wasted away?

How much of your soul
is eaten away?

How little you lived,
how little you loved
and still you are blind
to the signs from above.

© Autumn Siders 2018


I try so hard to control
every little detail of life,
a distraction so divine,
that I forget to live.
I want to let go,
I want to be free
but it’s the details
that hold control of me.

I try so hard to forgive
those who cannot live
up to my expectations.

But no matter what,
a part of me always
pities the way
mere mortals live.

© Autumn Siders 2009

I Always Knew

I always knew I missed you,
I just never knew how much
until you walked away
and I was left without your touch.

I always knew I loved you,
I just never put to words
how much you filled my life
like the singing of the birds.

I always knew I cared,
I just never was able to show
and now it’s much too late
and my heart beats much too slow.

© Autumn Siders 2018

Never Belonged

You could ask me today
if I’d come back to you
and the answer is no,
I’d rather not be blue.
You could have asked back then
if I wanted to stay
and my heart would have pulled
thinking it would be okay.
You could ask me tomorrow
where we went wrong
and I’d answer simply,
we never belonged.

© Autumn Siders 2018