How do you fix
something not broken
just never meant to be?

How do you end
what should have never began
and get away free?

How do you hold
something so ephemeral
it melts in your hand?

How do you dare move on
when every day that passes,
you are lucky just to stand?

© Autumn Siders 2014


If I awoke tomorrow
without any strength,
would you still wait
or even go the length?
If I fell to my knees
and could not carry on,
would you pick me up
and for once, be strong?
If I needed you
the way you need me,
would you finally realize
the person you could be?

© Autumn Siders 2018


Maybe it was the smoke
or the flames burning brightly.
Maybe it was the moon
or the stars shining rightly.
Maybe it was your eyes
or how you held me tightly.
Maybe it was the way
you touched me so lightly.
Maybe it’s how I miss you
daily and nightly.

© Autumn Siders 2012