For the two or three readers who may wonder where I’ve gone, I am taking a brief hiatus from daily posting to work on putting together my first work to be published. I’ll try to post here as much as I can and hopefully be back full time after my work is done. Thanks for following me and even bigger thanks if you actually care!

Taking a break,
or am I broken?
Perhaps all my words
have been spoken.
Finding myself,
where did I go?
Hopefully some time
will let me know.
Hopping trains
and on the move,
hoping life
has something to prove.

© AUtumn Siders 2018

if only

I’d ask you out
if only the words would come
but they are stuck in my throat,
trapping my lungs.
I’d bare my soul
if only I thought you’d care
but I know in my heart
that’s more than I dare.
If only I could find a way
just to make you see
that all you ever needed
is right here with me.

© Autumn Siders 2018

Napping Alone

The sun seeps through
and reaches my throne
so I stretch a little farther,
excited to be alone.
A let out a yawn
and crack my eyes
and twitch my whiskers
and continue with sighs.
A nap is always best
with lots of warmth and sun
and is even better
when I’m the only one.

© Autumn and Emilita Siders 2018


Why would I help you
when all you’ve done
is take?
You took my heart,
my pride,
my soul,
my breath.
And still you turn to me,
knowing I’ll cave
and let you back in
in an attempt to save.
How can I help you
when I cannot help myself?
Why should I help you
when it only hurts
what little love
I have left?

© Autumn Siders 2010