Bullet Proof

This stain won’t ever come out;
once it sets, there’s no hope.

One second it wasn’t there,
then the next it was
like one second you were
and now you’re not.

That soul will never return;
once that light dies, there’s no hope.

Thoughts and prayers,
vacant stares,
tears enough to fill
the drying seas

This hate will never end;
once it sets, there’s no hope.
How could you look her in the eyes?
How were you prepared to die?
How did you find the strength
to pull it?

The answer is clear
hate is alive;
the proof is in the bullet.

© Autumn Siders 2019

I’ve Got a Job for You

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something that is not a poem, but the time has come and I need your help. A career change could be in the cards for me but obviously one wants to make the right choice when it comes to one’s livelihood. These are some jobs a friend and I would might like to pursue. Vote below to help us make the right decision or give your own suggestion!