First Date


It was a chilly night
when first we met
and took a stroll
that ended with a pet.

Your name is Lucia
and your ears flopped
and the more we walked,
your walk became a hop.

They warned of your limp
and that was alright
as I limped along with you
on that frigid night.

We arrived back at base
and you sat so calm and nice
until I bent down
and we finally broke the ice.

A smile emerged
and you kissed my face;
dog slobber covered
every uncovered space.

My only child at home
would never allow you to be
but from that moment on,
you’d always be a part of me.

© Autumn Siders 2019
First Date

Laissez Faire

A certain je ne sais quoi
about the Big Easy
makes sure that life
is light and breezy.
The people, the music,
the culture, the food,
all make it hard for even
the darkest heart to brood.

How you doin’?
Where you from?
Everyone comes together,
each part totaling the sum.
The city never sleeps;
its heart forever beats
to the sound of the drums
playing in the streets.

© Autumn Siders 2019


Laissez Faire