Greeting Cards for Impeachment

There have been whispers since our current president took office. There was even a meager attempt to bring impeachment upon the commander in chief. Regardless of where you stand politically, it seems that the possibility of impeachment just won’t lay down and die. If that happens, I just don’t think the fragile ego of said president could survive. Here are some ideas for helpful cards to send President Trump should he fall from his self-made pedestal.








Greeting Cards for Impeachment


I take a step back
and the picture is clear
for the first time
in over a year.

Your intentions,
though well meant,
have crushed my heart
and left my soul bent.

I see what you hide
is bursting from your skin
and your true colors
show in the lies you spin.

The fire between us,
burns hot, can you tell?
No longer from passion,
but from the bowels of hell.

© Autumn Siders 2015