Why would I help you
when all you’ve done
is take?
You took my heart,
my pride,
my soul,
my breath.
And still you turn to me,
knowing I’ll cave
and let you back in
in an attempt to save.
How can I help you
when I cannot help myself?
Why should I help you
when it only hurts
what little love
I have left?

© Autumn Siders 2010

Just When

Just when I figure it all out,
you go and change it once more;
don’t you know I’m a cat
and change is something
we deplore?

Just when I’ve settled
and got ready for a nap,
you tear apart my world
leaving chaos & destruction
leaking from the tap.

Just when I don’t think I could
hate you any more,
you prove that hatred
is quite lenient compared
to what I have in store.

© Autumn and Emilita Siders 2018
Just When