I’ve always wanted to be a cat lady
and live my life in peace
with just a few cats
who do exactly as they please.
I’d wake up every day
just at the crack of dawn
and feed the hungry clan
and pretend that nothing’s wrong.
They’d love me as I am
and hate me just the same
but I’d never have to wonder
like I would with some dame.

© Autumn Siders 2012


Look how wide my eyes have grown
and how frantic I’ve become;
there’s a maniac outside
and something must be done.

The world may be ending
it’s true the end is nigh
and still you just sit there
while I let out a cry.

Don’t tell me it’s alright
and that this person is fine
when she’s mowing the lawn
while I attempt to dine.

So nonchalant you are,
but very soon you’ll see
just how serious this is
and come and hide with me.

© Autumn and Emilita Siders 2018

Mismatched Socks

I once knew a girl
who wore mismatched socks,
never combed her hair,
and collected rocks.
She always had a smile
as others put her down
and never showed fear
when others were around.
The more I got to know her,
the more my smile grew
since any gloom was banished
as her laughter cut right through.
She marched to her own drum,
sometimes literally,
and she never quite knew
how much she meant to me.

© AUtumn Siders 2018
Mismatched Socks