Take it from a Cat

The world is simple from my eyes,
I wish humans could see the same.
A nice nap and a meal will do
or maybe a cat and mouse game.

I fill my days with love for myself
so call me selfish if you will,
but I’ll never really hate you
unless you try to give me a pill.

Sure I am not loyal like a dog
but I think my pride’s enough
at least I spread no hatred
over superficial stuff.

Yes, I know I’ve killed,
but just a mouse or two
and not because of hatred
or who they prayed to.

I may not be the best judge
but at least I can see
that love will get me dinner faster
than will negativity.

© Autumn and Emilita Siders 2017
Take it from a Cat


Bolted, chained, and marred,
my heart remains beaten, scarred
from a love so quick and hard
that broke down my every guard.
Visceral, raw, and exposed,
my soul burns, a branded rose
blooming from these ancient woes
that only my brain knows.
Stolen, betrayed and flawed,
my love decayed, a false nod
leaving ash in place of laud
for empty thrills wrapped in fraud.

© Autumn Siders 2010