Bestseller Mash-Up Round 10

Fire and Fury in the Window: When a woman who lives alone and drinks too much peaks out her window at her new president, she sees something she shouldn’t. Or did she just imagine it? Her world starts to crumble quickly as she tries to separate fact from fake news.

The Shape of the Stranger in the Woods: In Maine, a young man takes to the woods and becomes a hermit living off the land and stealing from his neighbors’ cabins. Shunned by society but enjoying his solitude, his life is changed when a young mute girl finds him and a bond is formed. But the Russians are coming…after all, when aren’t they.

Educated Player One: Desperate to escape her survivalist family, a young girl discovers clues in a virtual reality game that take her on a wild ride through higher education. It’s not all fun and games though, and before long she may just be required to put her survivalist skills to use.

The Astrophysics of Not Giving a F*ck: A superstar blogger gives pointers for surviving the cosmos. With no sugarcoating, he points out that not everyone is a star, even the dinosaurs couldn’t survive the big bang, and sometimes you just have to figure out what to keep in your orbit and what to toss in a black hole.

The Great Black Unicorn: After a Vietnam POW returns home, he make an impulsive decision…to become a comedian. He heads to Alaska with the hope of making people laugh but quickly spirals into a deeper depression. Can he inspire others through the power of laughter or is the joke on him?

Bestseller Mash-Up Round 9

It’s Always Into the Water: Three college roommates share love, hate, and secrets as they grow up and go their own ways. When one dies in spot that has been surrounded by mysterious deaths for centuries, everyone wants to write it off as suicide. Did her husband kill her or was she drawn by some unseen force to take a final swim?

Shattered in Moscow: After a heated election in Russia, the losing candidate is sentenced to house arrest at the Metropol. She looks back at all the moments where her campaign went wrong as the world unfolds just outside her doors. She manages to find the wine cellar and although all the labels have been removed, she can still find a bottle to make her drunk.

Dragon Figures: In 1876, two paleontologists fight over bones in the Wild West. In an attempt to best his rival, one hires three black women to do what neither man can do: think. The three women not only help find bones, but they invent new methods in the field without receiving any notoriety for their work.

Mr. Art of Not Giving a F*ck: Part self-help and part autobiography, this book delves into the life of the infamous Mr. Rochester. Sent away by your father? Who cares? Banished to Jamaica? At least it’s warm. Crazy-ass wife? Get a cute mistress… I mean governess. Life sucks? Just don’t give a f*ck!

Lincoln of the Flower Moon: When a tribe of Indians is targeted for their wealth, the FBI gets called in to handle the case. Still in it’s infancy, the agency does a terrible job and soon the Indian Chief’s young son dies. In purgatory, his son’s spirit soon faces the same turmoil erupting topside. The Chief finds a way to visit his son in the afterlife which gives him answers for his worldly problems and where J. Edgar Hoover can get a good deal on pumps.

Bestseller Mash-Up Round 8

A Man Called Hamilton: A curmudgeon is hated by his town and country for his radical ideas, but saved by a cat after his neighbors crash into his mail box. Full of duels, politics, and stray cats this story will change the way you view the world.

The Little Paris Sympathizer: A French bookseller finally reads a letter left by his departed true love and he sets off on a trip to find answers. With the help of an Italian chef and a writer suffering from writer’s block, he discovers that his one true love was a undercover communist agent during the fall of the South Vietnamese government. Nobody’s perfect.

Valiant Girls: During the American Revolution, a girl falls into a cult and betrays not only her budding nation, but the commander who loved her best. As she falls deeper into the excitement of the cult, she comes closer to violence as she helps a nation realize the real danger comes from within.

Harry Potter and the End of Watch: After putting a dangerous serial killer in a vegetative state for five years, an aging employee of the Ministry of Magic must come to terms with his past which now puts his son in danger. When that killer awakes, all bets are off for muggles.

Grint: The Curious Science of Perseverance: Researching the science behind fashion, weapons, and tools used in war, a psychologist notes that what really drives people has nothing to do with I.Q. and everything to do with passion and perseverance. She also notes that war should be avoided and camo will never go out of style.

Bestseller Mash-Up Round 4

My Sister’s Divine Comedy: After a couple has a child that needs a bone marrow donor, they decide to have another child in order to keep their first child alive while Virgil prepares to lead the couple to their very own level of Hell.

Devil in the Grey City: During the 1863 World’s Fair in Chicago, authorities believe they have a killer on the loose when they discover several dead bodies in a house until they realize all the victims are former lovers of Christian Grey.

A Discovery of Waldo: When a witch who has turned her back on magic accidentally discovers a long-lost manuscript that holds to the answers everyone seeks, she and a sexy vampire begin their journey to find the elusive Waldo.

The Girl with a Heart-Shaped Tattoo: A journalist sets off to investigate the disappearance of a young girl from a wealthy family and gets the help of a young hacker who just got a tattoo in the shape of a heart that comes with a ghost attached. Will they find the girl before the ghost finds them?

Go Set an Outlander: When a young woman returns to her small southern town to visit her ailing father, she accidently sends herself back in time to Scotland in 1743. Being from the south, she fits right in with the warring clans, deceit, and bloodshed.

Bestseller Mash-Up Round 2

11/22/84: An English teacher from Maine must go back in time to prevent the assassination of Big Brother…who may or may not really exist.

Gone with the Hatchet: A young boy is stranded in the Confederate South during the Civil War with nothing but a hatchet given to him by his mother. He must learn how to survive with the daughter of a spoiled plantation owner and her drunkard husband who quite frankly don’t give a damn about him.

I Know Why the Lord of the Rings Sings: After inheriting a ring from his cousin, a young hobbit starts on a journey that leads him through prejudice, pain, and teen pregnancy, but that ultimately makes him the proud hobbit he is today.

The Great Time to Kill: When a young man goes on trial for the murder of his high society Long Island neighbor in 1922, the jury quickly finds him not guilty due to temporary insanity. Then again who wasn’t insane on Long Island in the 20’s?

The Road to My Side of the Mountain: After a devastating disaster has decimated most of humanity, a young boy runs away from civilization and fends for himself in the Catskill Mountains with only a falcon as a companion until they are eaten by cannibals.