A Christmas gift
wrapped with care
by a secret soul
left unaware.
Will it make you smile
as you strum a tune?
Will it fill your heart
with flowers bloomed?
The gift of music
is divine any time of year
but hopefully this 6-string
brings warm holiday cheer.
What once was mine
is now yours;
love it well
as your spirit soars.

© Autumn Siders 2017

Most Wonderful Time

Christmas tunes play
over the tinny mall speakers;
oh, the most wonderful time
of the year is here.

Look at the cheer
as some get trampled
to buy for those so dear
that they haven’t seen one another
in over a year.

Shop, shop, shop,
until you are sure to drop
and don’t forget to protect
the sanctity
of a pagan customs
shrouded in religion.

© AUtumn Siders 2017

Merry _________

I can’t really pinpoint a specific time when I decided that Christmas meant nothing to me, but I know that it probably started after I got a Playstation 2 from “Santa.” I never truly believed in this jolly old man who lived in the coolest place on the planet, but someone had to play along for my older brother who obviously still lives a fantasy as his real life.

The thing about holidays today is that they signify nothing of importance. To many they signify vacation time, whether it be from school or work. Christmas is most often thought of as being a time to give gifts and spread the Christmas Spirit. It seems more and more to me like the Christmas Spirit is an infectious disease that has an incubation period of about a month and then the shit hits the fan. Once the season is over we can go back to not giving a fuck about we treat other people.

Now, I hear those religious arguments screaming out as I type. The real meaning of Christmas is to celebrate the birth…stop right there! If we can celebrate someone’s birth whenever we feel like it instead of when this person is actually born, then I am changing my birthday to April 25th. After all, it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. All you need is a light jacket.

So, I think I have officially offended both sides of the argument for Christmas/Holidays. On to the real point of it all. I despise making it a point to celebrate one day out the year as being more special than any other. Each one of us has a finite number of days that we get to remain above the dirt. Why are we not celebrating every day that we get as if it is something special? I don’t need a holiday season to tell me that it is good to give those who are hungry any spare food I might have. I don’t need religion to tell me that I should be compassionate and helpful to other human beings. I don’t need to deck the halls or light up the tree to see all the beauty and light I have in my life. And most important of all, I really don’t need to hear Christmas carols ever again in my life.

Merry Life to all. And, Jesus, I’ll send you a card in March.