I like the grass,
but I don’t want to fertilize it.
Some other corpse
can do the job.

Me, I’d rather burn
than take up any more space
on this overpopulated sphere.

But for now,
I’m here,
so I best help the grass from above
while this future corpse
still contains some love.

© Autumn SIders 2017

No Longer Here

How can I surprise you
when you’re the one
with whom I share

Each breakthrough,
each change,
I reach for the phone
to share the news.

Just this one instance
when I can’t call you,
it makes me think
of what will be.

What happens
when the reason
is just that you
are no longer here?

© Autumn Siders 2018


The last time you called,
I cut the call short.
I had too much to do
and you, too little to report.

Shortly after the call,
you would never call again
since Death called on you
as he does on all men.

Some regret I should feel
or even sorrow since you passed,
but the only thing I feel
is an emptiness that will last.

© Autumn Siders 2008



Someone is behind me,
hot on my trail
as I lead the damned
down a road worn and frail.


They draw much closer
as the gap begins to thin
and doubt fills my head,
going for the win.


The clip is empty,
though the aim is dead on
but bullets do the killing
of good intentions gone wrong.


The shot rings in my ears
and I know it’s far too late
since it’s either you or me
with whom death has a date.

© Autumn Siders 2017



Everyone finds faith in the end.

God isn’t kind enough in life,

but after, he is everyone’s friend.

No God would cause all that strife,

No human could be all that bad,

Thinks the victim ’til he sees the knife.

All this hatred makes the world mad

Yet everyone finds faith in the end.

Turns out then, God ain’t so bad.

© Autumn Siders 2013


One succumbs to death

as one would succumb to sleep.

The child screams and fights

not quite ready to slumber yet.

Out all night the teen

still puts up a fight.

Then, without warning or right

Sleep sneaks in every night.

Before you know it

your eyes are closed tight.

© Autumn Siders 2014