English Translation

Long ago in a far away land, there lived a woman named Arantxa. She lived in a little house in the woods with a dwarf woman and a cat.

The little house was black and had many windows. It was very old and near the house there were many trees.

Arantxa was blonde and beautiful. She had blue eyes and was very nice.

The cat was named Zorro. He was very handsome, intelligent, and blue. Arantxa loved the cat.

The dwarf was called Paloma. She was ugly and short but very nice. She lived with Arantxa but she was always lonely.

One day, while they were living the boring life, a thief named Ricardo appeared. Ricardo kidnapped Paloma. Arantxa and Zorro were very sad.

Arantxa called the prince and he left the castle. His name was Ignacio and with his father, he searched the woods but he couldn’t find Paloma.

Arantxa was lonely. Zorro stopped eating and was sick and he was very skinny.

Then, one day, a beautiful princess arrived at the house. She said, “Arantxa? ‘Tis I, Paloma!”

Right after, Ricardo entered the house but as a handsome prince. Paloma said, “we fell in love and then my fairy godmother appeared and changed us into a prince and a princess.” Zorro and Arantxa were happy.

But Paloma said goodbye to Arantxa and Zorro and she lived happily with Ricardo. Arantxa fell in love with Ignacio and married him. Arantxa and Zorro moved into the castle and all lived happily ever after.

The End.