How to Be an Adult (Or at Least Appear to Be One)

I had a lovely lady request some tips on how to be an adult. I don’t claim to be an expert on this, but let’s see what happens!

Work: Never call out of work when you are sick. You must show that you are a trooper and are so committed to work that nothing can stop you. Also, why waste a sick day on being sick? Always call out when your favorite band is in town, the sun is shining, or you win the lottery.

Sleep: They say 7 hours is best! As a young adult this idea is shunned, but we know as an adult this idea should be embraced. But, let’s not give up our late nights just yet. Sunglasses. The darker the better. Simply explain to everyone that you just had your eyes dilated (taking care of your eyes is the adult thing to do) and that you must leave them on and then settle into your desk for a few winks. Let’s hope you don’t snore.

Play: As adults, some level of composure is highly necessary. It just is not acceptable to be as wild and crazy as a youngster. Here are the best ways I know to sneak back in to the world of play. Have kids or borrow your friends’ kids. Maybe it seems crazy to go to the playground by yourself and yes in this day and age a little weird, but as long as you have got a little one along you can go down the slide too! Or, get younger friends and just tell everyone they are your younger siblings which is why you hang out so much at the club. “Just looking out for my little sis!”

Responsibility: Tired of it? Dye your hair blond. Any time you fail to accomplish a task, forget to do something, or just can’t bring yourself to do it you now have an excuse. Play dumb. No one can hold you accountable for being stupid.

The most important thing to remember is that being an adult is like being in love. The perks always seem brighter until you get there.