I think I am going to be sick
and I don’t know why
since I had so little to eat
and no, that’s not a lie.
I had my breakfast,
my lunch,
my dinner,
and then the sun did rise,
so I had another course
and a little dessert surprise.
Then I had a bath
and ate a clump of fur
then another meal,
just a few bites, I’m sure.
Then there was the nap
which left my tummy grumbling
so I made my way from bed to bowl
the whole way, stumbling.
Another bath there was,
so some more fur indeed
and then you came home
to bring me what I need.
A fish hits the spot,
each and every time,
but maybe all that fur
should be a digestive crime.

© Autumn and Emilita Siders 2018