I’ve never had a better friend
and I’ve never known another
who loves so fiercely,
not just because you’re my mother.

There’s no one else to trust
and to you I’ll always turn
just as you can do to me
with the guarantee you won’t be burned.

It’s not just the bond we share
or that we’re stuck like glue,
it’s the fact that since day one,
I’ve always looked up to you.

© Autumn Siders 2017

Happy Birthday, Karen!

I used to sit in your store and read whatever I couldn’t afford to buy. You never once complained or told me to leave, instead you offered me a job. In that moment, I knew the kind of person you are and always have been. The years that followed only gave further proof that your generosity and kindness are the natural side effects of your big heart. You made my mom and me a part of your family and we have made you a part of ours. Even when you have nothing to give, you are the first to offer up whatever you may have. Your selflessness has brightened not only my life, but has continued to light up our community for twenty-two years. You may think you deal in books, but your true product is kindness.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Karen!