Happy Birthday, Evan!

One year down
with many more to go
and the sky’s the limit
on all the knowledge you’ll know.

Where will you go?
Who will you be?
Even time won’t tell
all the great things you’ll see.

There will be ups
and there will be downs
but you’re sure to succeed
with your family around.

You’re just starting out
and that can be grand
as long as you greet
the world with an open hand.

So keep that smile on
and don’t ever forget,
to be a good person
and keep your heart fit.

The world may be cruel
but you don’t need to be
since love is stronger
and will always be free.

© Autumn Siders 2018


I’ve never had a better friend
and I’ve never known another
who loves so fiercely,
not just because you’re my mother.

There’s no one else to trust
and to you I’ll always turn
just as you can do to me
with the guarantee you won’t be burned.

It’s not just the bond we share
or that we’re stuck like glue,
it’s the fact that since day one,
I’ve always looked up to you.

© Autumn Siders 2017

Happy Birthday, Apes!

There always seems to be

a smile upon your face

no matter what life brings,

a certain cheer, you embrace.

This cheer it is contagious

and you infect all around

with such love and excitement;

your energy runs abound.

So since today we celebrate

the day of such a special birth

it’s time we repay the favor

and show you all you’re worth.

© Autumn Siders 2017