Move fast,

bite the bullet,

dodge the blows,

fight the man,


reach your goals.

Stand your ground,

but wait your turn,

lead the pack,

start the burn.

Open your heart,

but guard it well,

climb all the way

back from hell.

Move fast,

think ahead,

dodge the blows,

blaze the trail,


reach your goals.

© Autumn Siders 2012

Daily Inspirations

We could all use a little pick me up every now and then. Here are some inspirational quotes and sayings brought to you by yours truly.

The best and worst things in life all revolve around love; it is up to you if it is the best or worst.

The best memories are made when your phone dies.

Distance never comes between friends. It just results in high phone bills and expensive plane tickets.

The only acceptable excused absence for life must be written in the form of an obituary.

The only thing to fear is fear itself…and crazy bitches ’cause they can light your house on fire.