Reasons Why I Am Gay…’Cause It’s a Choice

Since we all know that being gay is a choice, I figured I would give some reasons and explanations for anyone thinking about choosing that lifestyle. See if it’s right for you!

-I never knew my father, so I was most likely raised to hate men.

-I was encouraged to choose my own religion as a child but opted out, what better way to stick it to the Man then by practicing homosexuality.

-One time, my bill at the grocery store came out to $6.66 and I thought, “this must be a sign from Lucifer, I must choose the dark path.”

-Men’s clothing is so much more comfortable and we all know once you dress like the opposite sex there is really no option to be straight.

-If it’s between basketball and barbies…well of course basketball wins.

-Well all my friends are gay, I just wanted to fit in!

-I decided that since I am a woman and don’t deserve equal rights, why not go all the way and take away whatever rights I had left.

-I did sneeze one time and no one said “bless you,” I guess the evil spirits entered my soul then.

-I was so worried about over population that I thought best to choose the path that not breed new life, but then I found out about a turkey baster and realized that was a moot point.

-I kissed a girl…I did like it, but not so much the cherry chapstick.

-Let’s just say, there comes a time when you have to choose to have a life with orgasms or a life faking them.

-The final deciding factor, I like rainbows. Rainbow