You took a piece of my heart
the day that you died
and it’s not like it can grow back.
Just like it’s impossible for you
to come back.

I won’t be the same.
I can’t be the same.
My heart will always
miss a beat
whenever I think
about how I will never
see you again.

© Autumn Siders 2017


How could my heart ever heal

with a wound so deep and raw?

This endless sadness that I feel

is life’s one true flaw.

My tears will never dry

as they flood my broken heart

and the hazy days float by

as I break further apart.

© Autumn Siders 2017


I know something is wrong,

I can tell from the tears

that seep into my fur,

that much is clear.

I know someone is missing,

though not where he’s gone

and I know that I miss him

but tomorrow’s a new dawn.

I know why the tears are shed

and I’ll allow them for now.

My fur can dry your tears

while I cry out, meow.

© Autumn and emilita Siders 2017