Congratulations, Breanna and Luke!

The one you love
stands before you today
making promises for life
to love and to stay.
Look in his eyes
and know that it’s true,
that love never dies
and that’s what he feels for you.
The one you love
opens up your heart
and holds it gently
whether together or apart.
Look in her eyes,
and know that it’s true
of all the people on earth,
she chooses you.

© AUtumn Siders 2018

Dream Job

To say I would do anything
is an understatement.
I would do everything
and all the unthinkable things
in between.
Loving you
is my only job
and the pay
is greater than
any dollar amount.
But the truth is,
I would work for free
as long as it meant
you’d be next to me.

© Autumn Siders 2018

Congratulations, Brittney and Reynold!

is strange.
Two strangers
soon become friends
become lovers,
become mates,
merge souls.
How strange?
is eternal,
when done right
and nourished
and cared for
and able to bloom,
eternity soon seems
not long enough indeed.
can be
a poem,
a song,
a feeling,
a look,
an action,
a vow,
a ring,
and just near
can be
more difficult
than anything.
is not easy
but when you know
it’s right,
there is never a time
when it’s not worth
the fight.

© Autumn Siders 2018

From Afar

You still don’t know
how I love you from afar
and wish for so much more
than just the friends we are.

I’ll keep it that way
for as long as I can
since admitting my love
is more than I could stand.

Who cares if it means
that lonely is how I’ll be
as long the smile on your face
is all that I can see.

Even if you read this
it will be hard to know
since affection is one thing
I will never be able to show.

© Autumn Siders 2018