The herd tiptoes
like giants on speed,
breaking mother nature’s
carefully planned land.
What lay in the path
is soon to be no more
as the rampage begins
and ends in gore.

My heart once was whole
until it heard your voice
and I knew with no doubt
you would leave me crushed.
What more could be done,
my choice simply made;
and through this carnage,
this shell will forever wade.

© Autumn Siders 2018


“Let it be so,”

her voice boomed
this command.

And with one fell swoop,
she destroyed all the land.

“For too long
they have taken
and not returned
the fruit of the earth
and then leave it burned.

From this point on,
let it be known,
that She is not
something you own.”

The windows shattered
and the ground shook
as the rain pattered
hitting every nook.

The ground split
and the seas rose
and life ceased
as the book closed.

“And it is so,”

a mere whisper in the dark
just waiting,

for a


© Autumn Siders 2017