Through a Cat’s Eyes

It matters not to me

the color of your skin

since we all know with a cat,

there is only one way to win.

You can be a man, for all I care,

who loves another man

as long as your ideas

go along with my plan.

You can pray to God

or do whatever is hip

as long as you know

I am the one to worship.

For being of the mindset

that it’s all about me,

I think I’m pretty accepting

so it’s time that humans be.

© Autumn and Emilita Siders 2016


It isn’t because he is black

and it isn’t because she prays.

It isn’t because she drinks

that she is the one who pays.

It isn’t because he kisses boys

and it’s not because she loves her wife.

It’s not because his skin is dark

that he fears for his life.

It isn’t about his God or hers

and it’s not about his wealth.

It’s not because he is “normal”

that others hide with stealth.

It’s not because his dress

is prettier than her tux.

It’s not because society

cares who she fucks.

It’s not because his ancestors

were her family’s slaves.

It’s not because of his accent

that his family lay in graves.

It’s because one person

planted a deadly seed,

fed with hate and fear

and potted in soiled greed.

It only takes one person

to take a loving hand

and fix the garden growing

into a loving land.

It’s not about black or white

because the world is gray.

It’s not about you or me

because it’s about humanity.

© Autumn Siders 2016

This Country’s in the Toilet

I have posted before about nasty looks I get using the bathroom just because I wear men’s clothing and have short hair. While this is annoying for me, I can’t imagine what it must be like for a transgendered person what with the recent commotion.

I am glad that this highly important issue of where to pee is being discussed because this is obviously the most important issue that the government needs to address and write legislature for at the moment. Poverty, terrorism, healthcare, and human rights are all issues that can wait. Our county obviously became great when we stopped taking a leak on a tree and started building infrastructures to house the ever holy bathroom. Of course these great structures would not be complete without a “his” and “hers.” And these bathrooms have so many uses too!

Well, call me traditional, but I use public restrooms for a very specific reason…to go to the bathroom. Okay, sometimes you get a bloody nose or need to wash your hands. Maybe you just need to look in the mirror to see if you look smashing enough to ask that pretty girl if you can buy her a drink. But, you don’t ask her out in the bathroom, do you? Have I been doing this wrong all these years? Why is everyone so stressed about who is using what bathroom? I think the people we need to be worrying about are the ones who have a problem with it since they are obviously doing things in the bathroom that they should not be if they know who has which genitals.

Here is a list of all the behavior and items that need to be banned from bathrooms as well as laws that should be enacted, so that we can stop banning people from bathrooms.

-No more urinals in the men’s room. Come on, guys, we all know you take a peek every now and then.

-No more changing tables for babies. This will really put an end to all those perverts who want to get a load of the load in your baby’s diaper.

-Any stall door with a broken lock must be fixed or the entire stall deemed out of order.

-No sex! Nothing screams romance like that ever-wafting fecal odor.

-No shoe tying. While bent over, you could look under the door and find Mrs. Doubtfire!



We all come from different worlds

and still we share but one

and it rarely occurs to any

that we also share the sun.

The more differences that exist

stir the earth to grow

in new and exciting ways

we can break the ground below.

So that sun that we share

can illuminate a brand new scene

and open us up to worlds

within our own, we’ve never seen.

© Autumn Siders 2016


With the face only a mother could love,

yet she chose not to spare an ounce,

you emerge from a dark and murky palace

and enter the light from which you hide

only to be welcomed to the world in callous

fashion, seeing as you are a beast after all.

The one thing you seek in all this madness

is not death, destruction, greed, or hatred,

but love is all you need and are never given;

so these people, who embrace the light of day

and get on their knees to pray, are forgiven

while the dark consumes their hearts, not yours.

©Autumn Siders 2016


The thing about love

is that it’s never free

and try as you may

you can’t force what cannot be.

The thing about hate

is it comes at a cost

and wasting all that energy

always leaves you lost.

The thing about love

is that whatever you pay

you’ll get more back from it

than hate will get you today.

© Autumn Siders 2015

Cause to Affect

A butterfly may flap it’s wings

from somewhere far away

and cause disruption elsewhere

at least this is what they say.

For every cause there must be

an effect that changes life

for one or maybe many

this can add or remove strife.

If everyone made it their cause

to affect another’s soul

perhaps the world might

be just a little more whole.

© Autumn Siders 2015