Are you just visiting
or are you here to stay?
I’ve never had someone
last more than just a day.
Are you in it forever
or just for tonight?
I’ve never known a lover
who could bring me to the light.

Are you sure this is what you want
and not just what you need?
I’d rather you leave now
than leave my heart out to grieve.
Are you an open book
or a mystery in sheath?
Perhaps if you leave now
tomorrow will be a relief.

© Autumn Siders 2014

In the Light

I knew what you wanted
by the look in your eye
but somehow I knew
it wasn’t happening tonight
so as I walked away
you made your move
and stopped me before
I had the chance to disapprove.
Something about
that look in your eye
moved me to tears
as I let out a sigh.
A sucker for maidens
and damsels in distress
all it took was mere minutes
before you were undressed.
I know that tomorrow
I won’t look you in the eye
as I scurry from your warmth
and form my next lie.
Was it worth it for you
to succumb to the night
when we both knew what
this would look like in the light?

© Autumn Siders 2018


The night you said, “hello,”
my heart skipped a beat
and you said your place was near
and that spark brought on the heat.
We climbed the stairs so quickly
and you fumbled with your keys;
as the door closed behind us
you knew exactly how to tease.

Soon your shirt was gone
and soon my heart was still
and soon the night grew long,
each minute a greater thrill.
The sun rose in the sky
as I finally fell asleep
with you safely in my arms
as if you were mine to keep.

But the truth is cold and hard
and love a fickle thing;
but still you stole my heart
during this fleeting fling.

© Autumn Siders 2018