But What Does it Mean?

When I tell people I was an English major, their first response is, “oh, so you want to teach?” When I reply in the negative, the next response is a look of bewilderment and a slow head nod leading to a tentative, “so what do you want to do with that?” The truth is, I never even wanted to go to college and I have no desire to limit my potential opportunities to one thing that I studied for four years. In my opinion, the only thing that English can teach you is how to think for yourself. You can master a language and use words as your tools, your weapons, your shield. You can go back in time, jump into the future, and hide within your own time period. To me, other than with the use of grammar, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the English language and the art that stems from that. The thing I dislike most about English classes is that often times, teachers try to tell you that there is a right or a wrong answer. Well two people can read the same line of text and have two completely different ideas on what that means. As someone who has shared her work with others, yeah I can tell you what I meant when I wrote it, but I don’t care if you love it, hate it, or take something completely different from it, as long as you experience something. For anyone out there though who needs the safety net of right and wrong, I will dissect this poem for you so as there is no confusion.

1.Nature and all her beauty,

2.got nothin’ on your booty;

3.golden and perfectly rounded,

4.I find myself constantly astounded.

5.Lost at sea, or lost in my mind,

6.you are my north star, my compass,

7.lighting my way, leading the blind,

8.who wouldn’t come home to that ass.

Line 1: So here I discuss the beauty of nature, it’s great, it’s grand, nothing can compare…or can it?

Line 2: So here it is something  that can compare to nature’s beauty. Booty, you know, pirate’s treasure, stop having such a dirty mind!

Line 3: gold coins, they are golden, they are round, they look good in tight pants.

Line 4: Wow!!

Line 5: I really don’t like water so I think if I were ever on the sea I would be lost for sure. Also, it goes back to the whole pirate thing and hey most pirates are lost in the mind if you know what I mean.

Line 6: What drives them on? More booty!!!! ARRR and they use compasses.

Line 7: Gold is shiny, although I did use some poetic license there, not sure the blind can see gold, but maybe the morally blind can, yeah, that’s what I meant.

Line 8: There’s a donkey at home. Okay, maybe it was a poem about a nice ass.

© Autumn Siders 2015