Half Mast

The banner yet waves,
albeit lower than norm,
and a nation yet moves
on in full mourn.
Another day,
another death,
another life
put to rest.
What so proudly
we hailed,
and now so proudly,
we failed.
How many more
must give their lives?
Freedom unearned
from merciless knives.
Children are here
and the next moment gone
soon forgotten
by nation once strong.
Then the next time
happens just like the last
and that nation is fueled,
its soul is aghast.
These are the bombs
bursting in air
but still we sit vacant
while our flag is still there.
A call to action,
not a call to arms
in a nation so broken
and full of new scars.
What will it take?
How many lives can we save?
And make proud again,
this banner that waves.

© Autumn Siders 2017
Half Mast

Best That You’ll See

When will you get it?
I do what I want.
So no matter your wishes
I’ll go on this jaunt.

I’ll sleep in this bed
and I’ll eat on this shelf.
I’ll do as I please;
it’s good for my health.

Your commands are pointless
and your wishes for not.
Your demand are futile
and your hopes, distraught.

But look on the bright side
at least you’ve got me
and I know for a fact
I’m the best you’ll ever see.

© Autumn and Emilita Siders 2018
Best That You’ll See

Battle of the Bands

The strings don’t twang
like the steel pedal guitar
but they beat the country back,
a classical superstar.
An instrumental interlude
overlaps movement two
and cowboy boots start tapping,
the conductors baton eschewed.

Each ensemble battles,
vying for center stage
and music to my ears
mingles on the page.
The battle lingers on
but the end is soon near
as static takes the waves
and each station becomes unclear.

© Autumn Siders 2018
Battle of the Bands


Are you just visiting
or are you here to stay?
I’ve never had someone
last more than just a day.
Are you in it forever
or just for tonight?
I’ve never known a lover
who could bring me to the light.

Are you sure this is what you want
and not just what you need?
I’d rather you leave now
than leave my heart out to grieve.
Are you an open book
or a mystery in sheath?
Perhaps if you leave now
tomorrow will be a relief.

© Autumn Siders 2014