Greeting Cards for Impeachment

There have been whispers since our current president took office. There was even a meager attempt to bring impeachment upon the commander in chief. Regardless of where you stand politically, it seems that the possibility of impeachment just won’t lay down and die. If that happens, I just don’t think the fragile ego of said president could survive. Here are some ideas for helpful cards to send President Trump should he fall from his self-made pedestal.








Greeting Cards for Impeachment


These forefathers we look up to
fought for many things:


They wanted, not a tyrant
who would dictate their lives,
but a government of the people
meant to help its members thrive.

Even still these grand men
had fortune and land
and already had more power
than most had at hand.
Those who died on the fields,
maybe not in vain,
died without freedom
and died in great pain.

Today we still want
as a tyrant still lingers,
the joke of some meme.

© Autumn Siders 2017

For Profit

Last on the agenda,
let’s address world peace.
I’m not really for anything
that would make war cease.
Peace is not profitable
and my wallet must be lined
with dollars and corruption
and the greed of mankind.

You think you elected a leader
but my, how you are all blind;
I am a god in crappy vessel
leading the weak of mind.
Whatever I say must go
since we know I’d never lie
the truth from the Almighty
is cause enough to die.

© AUtumn Siders 2017

For Profit



It was a bright cold day

in January,

and the clocks were striking


Big Brother stood above,

hands in the air,

preaching to the loyal choir


War is peace.

Freedom is slavery.

Ignorance is strength.

Propaganda produced

to those who will

swallow the pill with pride.


War can be peaceful.

Freedom is never free.

Strength is knowledge.

© Autumn Siders 2016

Vote Early, Vote Often

We here in America are experiencing one of the scariest election seasons known to our young country. It seems most citizens are resigned to vote for the lesser of two evils and for each citizen, “evil” has a very different meaning. Do we vote to “Make America Great Again?” After all slavery, a lack of rights for women, and male bigotry are the key components that created the land we love. Or, do we vote for a woman who would seem a little less than trustworthy, but hey, we all know she’s already been president.

Well, friends, I have the solution to this terrible dilemma. Come this Tuesday, I will be writing in the only candidates fit to run our country. Wanda Sykes and Ellen DeGeneres.

Here are some reasons why Sykes/DeGeneres is the only way to vote:

  • Wanda Sykes started out working for the NSA. She knows how important this country’s safety is and also how to send emails properly.
  • After leaving college, Ellen DeGeneres clerked at a law firm, meaning she knows just as much if not more that Donald Trump about the ins and outs of political policy.
  • Sykes is not afraid to talk about and deal with the hard issues “I’m a black, gay woman. I think the only way to make the GOP hate me more is if I sent them a video of me rolling around on a pile of welfare checks.”
  • DeGeneres has wonderful family values, her mother, Betty, is present in the audience during many of her shows. She has supported her daughter through thick and thin, even during those mullet days in the 80’s.
  • Both represent the kind of love and family that this country needs. Each has been married since 2008, and they even still love their wives. Respectively, of course.

How do they stack up in comparison to our other candidates?


Presumably both would know how to grab pussy just as well, if not better. Also know how to do so respectively.


Both are women, just like Hillary.

Still have your doubts??

The most important thing to note is that they both support the gay agenda. Maybe they can finally make clear exactly what that is.

Vote Early, Vote Often