I just want to be on my porch
and enjoy the summer night
as I wait for my foxy friend,
visible only by moonlight.

I never asked you to come
and I don’t get why you are here
this food is not for you,
I thought that I made that clear.

We are both black and white,
that’s obvious to tell
but you can be certain we differ
since you quite clearly smell.

So be on your way quickly
and please leave me be
while I wait for my true friend
to join me for tea.

© Autumn and Emilita Siders 2017

Take it from a Cat

The world is simple from my eyes,
I wish humans could see the same.
A nice nap and a meal will do
or maybe a cat and mouse game.

I fill my days with love for myself
so call me selfish if you will,
but I’ll never really hate you
unless you try to give me a pill.

Sure I am not loyal like a dog
but I think my pride’s enough
at least I spread no hatred
over superficial stuff.

Yes, I know I’ve killed,
but just a mouse or two
and not because of hatred
or who they prayed to.

I may not be the best judge
but at least I can see
that love will get me dinner faster
than will negativity.

© Autumn and Emilita Siders 2017
Take it from a Cat

What’s Wrong?

You leave me alone for hours
in this sweltering room
with not a thing to do.
My tea is on the dresser
which is way too far to move.

I’ve been sleeping now for hours,
which if you were home,
that’s what I’d do.
But sleeping all alone,
doesn’t that seem wrong to you?

What have I done wrong?
I don’t deserve this.
At least give me a clue,
maybe it’s something I can fix
by simply scratching you.

© Autumn and Emilita Siders 2017
What’s Wrong?


They run and jump
and dive and leap
and climb and fly
from tree to tree.
Their bushy tails tall
and their little claws discreet
as they chase each other
with cheetah-like speed.
They flip and flop
and bend and reach
and wrangle up
the kids they teach.

They move about
before my eyes
as I sit and wait.
There is do doubt
I’d eat these guys
if ever my dinner’s late.

© Autumn and emilita Siders 2017

Turf Wars

Don’t be coming here
to hunt your prey
since this is my turf,
listen to what I say.

If you come ’round again
there will soon come a day
when the hunted becomes you,
’cause I’ll make you pay.

That bird that you maul
and the chipmunk you chase
are my friends not yours
so get out of my face.

Go back to your own house
and leave me to mine
or you’ll soon learn about
why I sharpen my claws so fine.

© Autumn and Emilita Siders 2017
Turf Wars