The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

On News:

The Good: I no longer have to worry when I read the news Monday mornings that there will be spoilers from The Walking Dead.

The Bad: All the news is about the recent childish antics from both sides of the political realm.

The Ugly: The news.

On Cats:

The Good: Cats are perfect.

The Bad: Cats are perfect.

The Ugly: Not applicable.

On Snow:

The Good: The first snow of the season is upon us!

The Bad: People can’t clean off their fuckin’ cars!

The Ugly: The brown colored snow pushed to the side of the road.

On Christmas:

The Good: Perhaps finding the Christmas spirit will lessen the debauchery and drama of a torn country.

The Bad: Jesus wasn’t born in December and we are actually celebrating a pagan holiday…let’s not tell the Christians (see above).

The Ugly: People think that this is a time of year to put our differences behind us and come together when really that’s kind of an all-year thing.

On The Walking Dead:

The Good: Michonne’s katana (it should really have a name)

The Bad: Lucille (see, she gets a name)

The Ugly: Abraham’s and Glenn’s brains smashed on the ground.


I Was Thinking…

Do you ever have those random thoughts? In the shower? In the car? While you have been trying to fall asleep for three hours? I seem to think about the strangest things at the most inconvenient times and I can’t be the only one. Here are some of my random thoughts that I am sure have crossed someone else’s mind a time or two.

-Why is DC Comics called DC Comics? DC stands for Detective Comics so now it is Detective Comics Comics.

-Did someone fall off a cliff to propagate the rumor that the earth was flat or were people really that stupid?

-Is the earth really round or are we that gullible?

-Does my cat laugh at me behind my back or am I just hearing voices?

-Why is it that one needs a new phone every year or sooner since it breaks but I am still playing a record from 1963 that works perfectly fine?

-Do you think on Judgment Day we all lose points for every one of Keanu Reeves’ movies we ever watched?

-Is Betty White, God?

-What if gluten-free is the new tobacco?


I was visiting with a friend who happens to be on house arrest due to illness and while I was there, we had a wonderful conversation. Part of our conversation was about how she doesn’t mind being cooped up because everyone is coming to visit her and she is benefiting from the wonderful conversations that she gets to share with people. She told me that she has discovered new things about people that she never knew. Things she would think one person would like turned out to be inaccurate and things she never knew about people before were coming to light. After this, I got to thinking how much of what we see in other people is really a reflection of who we are.

This doesn’t mean that what we are seeing isn’t real, but you and I can look at the same person and see something entirely different about him or her. As individuals we are not only who we perceive ourselves to be, but we all mean something different to each and every person with whom we interact. With this thought, I set off to do some research and I asked all of my friends and family to describe me in one word. Sure enough, every person who responded came up with a different word. Surprisingly none said, “narcissistic” even though they had no clue why I was asking them.

After I explained my reason for such difficult questioning, one friend pointed out that most people would respond with the positive, so if any of you would like to change your answers to what you really meant, feel free. She also told me that she tends to see the good and the bad about herself in others. I think what can be taken from all of this is that life is all about perspectives. As long as we keep an open mind about everything, we can find a little bit of ourselves in places we never dreamed of and we can give a little bit of ourselves to causes and people that never knew they needed us.

So for all who gave me some great answers, here are my words back to you. If you don’t remember which word you gave me, don’t ask because then I will know you just made it up 😉

Words You Gave Me Words I Give to You
Independent/Head-Strong Effervescent
Consistent Boundless
Bold Nurturing
Precocious Scholarly
Smart/Dependable Kind-Hearted
Awesome Giving
Flexible Encouraging
Thoughtful Clever
Autumn Who’s Kim?
Selfless Caring
Brotherly Devoted
Witty Awkward…but really Skillful
Impressive Courageous
Helpful Thunderous (you know why 😉
Supportive/Loyal Comforting
Annoying/Generous Inspirational