Flowers in bloom

wilt to nothing

as leaves decay

and bitter winds

blow death away.


Autumn chills

burn the lungs

with frosty air

and rosy cheeks

are not prepared.


Seasons change

but we remain

left to weather

the pelting rain.

Storms blow through,

leaving only ruin

with pieces left

that broke too soon.

©Autumn Siders 2017

I Fell in Love

I fell in love
on a lovely summer day
as the salty air blew
the hair from your face.


I fell in love
on a brisk autumn day
as the leaves crunched
underfoot, on our way.


I fell in love
on a chilly winter day
as the fire crackled
by the couch on which we lay.


I fell in love
on a fine spring day
as the flowers bloomed
and you walked away.


© Autumn Siders 2017