From Afar

You still don’t know
how I love you from afar
and wish for so much more
than just the friends we are.

I’ll keep it that way
for as long as I can
since admitting my love
is more than I could stand.

Who cares if it means
that lonely is how I’ll be
as long the smile on your face
is all that I can see.

Even if you read this
it will be hard to know
since affection is one thing
I will never be able to show.

© Autumn Siders 2018


I know now
I have loved you
for a while.
Your laugh
infectious, just like
your smile.

What I would give
to share your
and instead of friend
call you

But fate has chosen
we shall never
Your heart belongs
to one not

I know now
love takes many forms
one of which
we won’t achieve.
But love like this
bonds the souls
with gifts so wonderful
to receive.

© Autumn Siders 2018

Box of Tissues

I met you
with a box of tissues
in the parking lot
just after midnight.

I’ll never forget
the tears that fell
landing on blacktop
and soaking into earth.

And the way you held tight
asking me never to let go
at least for tonight
to dry the tears that flow.

I’ll never forget what it was like
to hold you even for a moment
knowing that when the tears dry
I’d go back to living my lie.

© Autumn Siders 2017